The Skillspro Group is a uniquely positioned group of small businesses in terms of its ability to implement various training systems into Education Departments, Universities, Colleges, Schools and into the Corporate and Private Sectors. It has the infrastructure with the curriculum development and management experience to provide complete ICT and Professional Development training solutions for educators, pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, FET Colleges, HED Institutes, SETAs, Government Departments, Learnerships and Corporate businesses anywhere in South Africa and into Africa. The Head Office of the business is based in the town of Fochville in Gauteng and the regional staffs are spread over all 9 provinces.



To empower students in SA to be proficient for better learning, instruction and communication and through this process help to contribute to the upliftment of our nation; help to expand and enrich the learning environment; help to promote educational and training excellence; and help to encourage creative thinking, lifelong learning, social responsibility, community upliftment and nation building.


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Our Skillspro Group’s vision is to be seen as delivering all products and services to Education, with passion, integrity, consistency and excellence throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and to help with the upliftment of our nation.


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Education and Skills Development should continually anticipate and research the future needs of society, and work towards fulfilling those needs. Successful implementation can be accomplished through excellence in the delivery of professional development curricula, learning content, learning support material, facilitation and skills development making use of modern technology such as e-learning and ICT’s in SUB- SAHARA AFRICA.


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Core & Means Values

  • Compassion
  • Justice
  • Dignity
  • Excellence
  • Unity
  • Hospitality
  • Respect
  • Being honest in all our dealings
  • Building good team relationships
  • Customer service excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Being loyal
  • Striving for financial wealth and success
  • Building trust


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Nature of Business

The Skillspro Group of Companies are absolutely unique in the way that they are the only business of its kind that has the understanding, expertise and knowledge to successfully develop learning material, do training and operate through the entire spectrum of Education, from the preschool Reception phase through all levels into the University and Corporate markets. All learning material developed and can be delivered through contact sessions as well as through distant learning. The material is prepared in an interactive e-publication format to run on a Windows/Apple computer or Apple/Android tablet, or it can pre-print into paper-based manuals. The business of the Skillspro Group consists of the following: SKILLSPRO - Secondary Schools and Corporate training Skillspro is a South African computer education company run by a team of fully qualified educators. Skillspro was established in 1999 in order to address the critical need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training at Secondary schools and corporate level. Corporate Office Function
  • Financial Management;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Control, Accreditation and Certification;
  • Printing and distributing of Manuals;
  • Development of Learning Material for various unit standards and qualifications as published by
SAQA on the NQF;
  • Implementation of Learning Academies;
  • Secondary Schools, FET and corporate training;
  • Higher Education and Training focussing on Education, Philosophy, Religion and Theology.

Qualifications accredited by the MICT SETA for Corporates

  • National Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support NQF Level 4;
  • National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing NQF Level 3;
  • National Certificate: Information technology: Systems Development NQF Level 4;
  • Skills Program: Receptionist (Handed in with MICT SETA for accreditation through QCTO (US based);
  • Skills Program: Professional Secretary (Handed in with MICT SETA for accreditation through QCTO; US based);
  • Skills Program: Bookkeeping (Handed in with Finance SETA for accreditation through QCTO; US based).

CHE Courses: (Final phase of accreditation)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education: School Management and Leadership (Level 8);
  • Diploma in Ministry (Level 6).

Skillspro (Pty) Ltd is in the final phase of being accredited as a private HET Institute under CHE. FUTUREKIDS is an accredited training provider for MICT SETA (ACC-2006/07/683) to train differentQualifications and Unit Standards. 


FUTUREKIDS - Primary School Training

Futurekids was established in South Africa in 1994 as an international franchise business focussing on ICT training. Currently the businesses focus moved to the development and implementation of e- publications for the CAPS Curriculum in Primary Schools.

Curricula available for Primary schools:

  • Real Journeys - Real Journeys are currently used by over 3 million students worldwide and has been translated into more than 40 languages around the globe;
  • African Adventures - African Adventures has been developed to meet the specific needs of South African learners. It provides the educator with lesson plans which are aligned with the Learning Outcomes in CAPS;
  • Future-Fun CAPS Curricula - Our electronic CAPS are comprehensive e-publications with lesson plans and recourse material per grade and it covers all subjects per topic/content area and pertheme. 


FUTURE-TEACHER - Educator Training

  • Implementing Learning Academies;
  • Train professional trainers, coaches, mentors, facilitators, assessors and moderators using ETDP


SETA accredited material;

  • Educators Training through Universities;
  • Future-Teacher has already successfully developed and teaches an Advanced Certificate in

Education  (Computer  Integrated  Education)  on  behalf  of  the  University  of  Pretoria  and  anAdvanced Certificate in Education (Technology Integrated Education) on behalf of the Northwest University (Potchefstroom Campus);

Future-Teacher has also delivered training for several Teacher Unions to develop Educators, to train and equip them to use ICT in their planning, to prepare them to use ICT to enhanceclassroom teaching and also to use this knowledge to educate learners.

Courses available:

Professional Development training, accredited with the ETDP SETA on NQF Level 5 and 6;

  • US 115441 - Understand school management and leadership in the South African context;
  • US 115439 - Manage policy, planning, school development and governance;
  • US 115436 - Manage teaching and learning;
  • US 117871 - Facilitators: Facilitate Learning using a variety of given Methodologies;
  • US 115753 - Assessors: Conduct Outcomes Based Assessments;
  • US 115759 - Moderators: Conduct Moderation of Outcomes Based Assessments;
  • US 117877 - Coaches: Perform one-on-one training;
  • US 117865 - Mentors: Assist and Support Learners;
  • SAQA 58761 - Level 4 Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development;
  • SAQA 23094 - General Education and Training Certificate: Development Practice;
  • SAQA 23093 - General Education and Training Certificate: Development Practices.

 Future-Teacher is an accredited training provider for ETDP SETA (ETDP10096).


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Social Responsibility

Underprivileged Schools

The continuous upliftment of our nation is an integral part of the daily operations of the Skillspro Group. We have identified various underprivileged schools in all provinces where we do all the professional development of teachers absolutely free. We also supply them with all their training material and deliver all training at our own costs. We also supply these schools with complete ICT curricula to help, guide, assist and monitor the teachers to integrate ICT to enhance their normal classroom teaching and to empower and uplift the ICT skills of the black learners in their schools. This process helps the sponsored schools to turn their computer labs into centres of learning where children can learn in a fun environment, while they have access to the best ICT subject integrated curriculum in the world. 


Learning Academies

The Skillspro Group also started the process where we help young black entrepreneurs the start their own training companies.  Following business training and the allocation of an area, these entrepreneurs get access to our professionally developed and accredited learning material and accreditation to start their own Learning Academy. There are no royalty fees payable and this process helps and empowers the young entrepreneurs to successfully run their own training businesses. They are being coached, mentored and moderated by our dedicated staff to implement our international acclaimed quality in their local training centres as they now offer SETA accredited training into predominantly black areas and communities.


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  • Coach - Perform one-to-one training on the Job
  • Mentor - Assist and Support Learners to Manage their Learning Experience
  • Facilitator - Facilitate Learning using a Variety of Given Methodologies
  • Assessor - Conduct Outcomes-based Assessment
  • Moderator - Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-based Assessment
  • Understand School Management and Leadership in the SA Context
  • Manage Policy, Planning, School Development and Governance
  • Manage Teaching and Learning
  • General Education and Training Certificate: Development Practice
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Development Practice
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development


MICT SETA - ACC/2006/07/683

  • National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing 
  • Further Education and Training: Information Technology: System Development
  • Further Education and Training: Information Technology: Technical Support




  • Initial Teachers Training - 15 PD Points


  • Facilitators - 15 PD Points
  • Assessors - 15 PD Points
  • Moderators - 15 PD Points


  • Future Fun-CAPS Curriculum Training - 5 PD Points
  • Future Fun-CAPS Assessment Training - 5 PD Points
  • 40 Modular Series (Per Module) - Still in process
  • End User Computing - 40 PD Points


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